Hi, I’m Olena, a passionate mum of two little girls aged 7 and 9, Ukraine born, a naturalized Canadian, and currently residing in New York City – the one that never sleeps!.

Trained as a scientist, worked in Biotech and human Vaccines, and, after having my first baby, discovered the joys of Instagram and developed a new passion for photography.  Like everyone else, I’m influenced by my background and life – for me, the vibrant folk culture of the Ukrainian people, family celebrations involving generous helpings of delicious food and a beautifully arranged table.  Also by a love for endless sunflower fields, gardens and orchards, nature, relaxed living and all things handmade.

I am married to an English Gentleman, speak English with a slight Eastern European accent, look Scandinavian, but dance like a Puerto Rican! Welcome to my world!!


Please contact me via e-mail olenahassellblog@gmail.com